e-Meeting Basics - Please read fully

Online meetings are one of many ways to foster freedom from addiction. They have a somewhat formal structure to create an environment where people can be heard and appreciated. Meetings are not the only element in a strong recovery life, but regular participation in a group is a key element, especially for the person who is new in recovery. E-meetings are also a great support for those who are traveling, who live in areas

Online meetings are different than face-to-face recovery meetings, and this group has particular guidelines that may be different than other online groups. Please read the Group Guidelines, which you may have already read once, when you joined the group.

For example, members of this group refrain throughout the formal meetings from all forms of cross-talk. This is to allow people to safely share what they need to share in an environment where they have the attentive appreciation of the other recovering people present. We also ask that each member refrain from commenting on what people have said and telling people what to do. We do allow meeting attendees to interject facial expressions while someone else is sharing, which is the online equivalent to a silent response.

Another example is that some groups use the convention of "!" to indicate a desire to share. We do NOT practice this convention. Instead we copy the protocol that is common at face-to-face recovery meetings throughout the world. This protocol starts when the chairperson opens the meeting for sharing. The person who wants to share says, "I'm Kimberly," or whatever your name or your screen name is. Sometimes the person follows their name or screen name with an acronym, such as "sfra" or "sla" to qualify as an addict. Or they may type out their qualification to attend in full. The meeting facilitator will indicate to go ahead and share. Other members in the room indicate that they are listening by typing, "Hi Kimberly," or whatever the person's name or screen name is.

This group allows up to four minutes per share. At the three minute mark, you will see a gentle warning that you have about a minute left to finish sharing. When your four minute are up, you will see an indication from the facilitator to finish up promptly. You may share a second time if all others attending have been given an ample opportunity to share.

Confidentiality is important to the recovery community. We do not repeat personal information shared at meetings with anyone, including other group members. It is permissible to pass along bits of wisdom that where shared at meetings, but we are careful to do so without mentioning a person's name, screen name, or other identifying characteristic. We may also share about the positive recovery accomplishments of other members within our support network, but we avoid negativity and gossip.

For anonymity and safety reasons, we ask that those attending meetings do not leave the chat room unattended.

There are several acronyms typically used during chatting that can be useful, and there are handy shortcuts too.

Common e-Group Acronyms

Common e-Meeting Shortcuts (all shortcuts begin with a period)

Enjoy the meetings here, and be safe and respectful of one another. :)