A Suggested Topic Discussion Meeting Format

The meeting format used by this e-group is built into the commands below. The .nxt command is the most powerful because it generates the next facilitation announcement each time you type it, so the meeting format is almost completely automatic. There are times when it must be altered for practical reasons, but it is best to try to adhere to the normal flow for consistency and a feeling of safety among the meeting participants.

Before the Meeting

There are a few suggested guidelines for meeting facilitators.

Thank you again for your service to this e-group!

Commands to Run the Meeting

Here are the basic commands to run the meeting. You can type them at the beginning of the chat input at the bottom of the chat room. They also work at the end of a line of chat text after a space.

Topic Ideas

Here are a few topic sources.

Here are a few traditional recovery topics.

Here are a few other common recovery topics.