This e-Group's Guidelines

The guidelines for participlation in this group are expressions of the group's commitment to the Twelve Traditions.

The membership requirements of this e-group go beyond the usual requirements of membership solely because, whether in face-to-face meetings, on phone meetings, or engaging in online meetings, the First Tradition sometimes must take precidence over the Fifth Tradition when a member's actions threaten the right of the members of the group to meet in a safe place. So that this group will always be able to support our recovery and the recovery of those to come, we must place our common welfare first.

The guidelines that our group members follow are below. Please read them carefully before joining. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the termination of your access to this e-group.

  1. Respect the stated purpose of this e-group, which is to provide a safe, interactive, Internet-based recovery resource.
  2. Respect the Twelve Traditions.
  3. Practice anonymity. Your full name or other identifying information shall not be passed along to the community. **
  4. Practice confidentiality. No confidential information expressed should be expressed outside this community. * **
  5. Encourage the recovery of others by sharing your experience, strength, and hope in a positive way.
  6. Respect the stated boundaries of other members.
  7. Refrain from searching for partners for sexual or romantic purposes within this community.
  8. Refrain from interrupting other people during their sharing during a chat room meeting.
  9. Refrain from criticizing or passing judgments on any people.
  10. Refrain from using language and images that are likely to be perceived as offensive, explicit, flirtatious or otherwise triggering to recovering addicts.
  11. Refrain from mentioning people by name.
  12. Refrain from mentioning locations or organizations that are likely to pose a threat to the recovery of other members.

* Confidential information includes information shared by individuals during a meeting, in the chat area between meetings, within a forum, or in a message. Expressing includes discussing, repeating verbally, writing about, copying, or otherwise representing the confidential information.

** Be aware that information shared in the Gratitude Blog is deliberately syndicated in the spirit of the Fifth Tradition, meaning that it will temporarily appear outside the secure area in the interest of attracting those who might benefit from this recovery resource or the recovery community as a whole.