What Do I Do First?

Welcome to recovery and to this e-Group.

The first thing we suggest is to start reading recovery materials and attend a number of recovery meetings with an opened mind. A certain way of thinking develops in a person with addictive patterns. Untwisting the mind takes time and continuous exposure to a clearer set of ideas we call recovery. You can find many recovery materials on the Recovery Resources page.

Since you are here, you seem to have Internet access, so you could attend a couple of meetings per week in the room that is part of this web site. See the Meeting Schedule page. Also, so that you know how attendance at online meetings work, we ask that you read the Attending Meetings page and re-read the Group Guidelines, which you may have read when you joined the group.

We are glad you are here and hope your recovery experience is positive and full of personal growth, freedom, and lasting contentment. :)

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