Recovery Resources

As of August 30th, 2011, this site's administrators and leading participants have unanimously agreed to open up and provide more recovery information on this site. This section is the fulfillment of that decision. It is intended to contain a wide variety of resources that may benefit those who are experiencing any of the various flavors of sex and love addiction.

Each item in this section has been fairly reviewed prior to posting it, ensuring that it is consistent with the principles of recovery, and each item below is clearly marked as to what service bodies or accrediting organizations have approved it.

Members who have benefited from a recovery-oriented book, web site, movie, or other media item can suggest it for review at

Foundational Books

Alcoholics Anonymous, Fourth Edition, © 2001, Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. — A.A. Conference Approved — This is the first of many 12-step-oriented recovery books and the primary text of Alcoholics Anonymous, the first of the anonymous 12 step fellowships. It describes the history and framework of the program of recovery that many people with a wide variety of addictive patterns and compulsions have used to find freedom.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, © 1986, The Augustine Fellowship — S.L.A.A. Conference Approved — This is the basic text of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and contains very important information for sex and love addicts, including information on bottom lines and a chapter on Withdrawal.

Escape from Intimacy: Untangling the Love Addictions: Sex, Romance, Relationships, © 1989, by Anne Wilson Schaef — Not conference approved — This book outlines some of the most common of the compulsive sex, relationship, and fantasy patterns.

Love and Addiction, © 1988, by Stanton Peele Archie Brodsky — Not conference approved — This was the first of the books that presented a model of addiction as it relates to intimate relationships, opening the door for the development of the idea of codependency.

NOTE: There are other books on the 12-steps in print, but this site's administrators and leading participants decided to not list those items that deviate from the basic concept of the twelve steps as a pathway to a connection with a power greater than ourselves which can bring about recovery from addiction.